Pricing Your Artwork

Pricing your artwork is a frustration all artists have encountered at some point in their career.

Unfortunately, many artists are just picking numbers that they believe will "sell" their artwork or copying what another artist does. This doesn't work.

Without understanding your costs, commission fee's and more you will end up losing money and your frustration will increase.

In order for success to come to you it's time to understand how and why you are pricing your artwork.

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remove emotions from pricing your artwork
Remove Emotions

Have you ever priced a piece of your art based on how much you loved it? Maybe you priced it higher because you put more time & materials into it. This does not work, learn why.

square inch pricing your art
Square Inch Pricing

This formula is the most popular way two dimensional artists price art. Before you start doing this it's important to learn the other two ways to price and then decide which is right for you.

pricing reproductions for artists
Pricing Reproductions

Reproductions are a great way to earn additional income from your artwork. They can be offered as open or limited editions which will change how you price along with the quality of printing.

Pricing Your Art - Course 3

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