Presenting your artwork is just as important as creating it. It is how you finish your initial idea.

The final presentation should compliment your art and allow it to be ready to display on your collectors wall.

Key elements that are often overlooked or where artists cut costs are with framing, photographing your art, shipping and more.

Your art represents you as an artist.

Finishing your work in a professional manner is essential to your overall success.

Learn how to do just that in this course!

what hardware to add to your artwork & why

Wires, eye hooks, D Rings and more! What type of hardware should you use on your art and why? Learn the options and which one galleries want you to use.


Photographing your artwork is a must. It is how you share your work online and submit to different opportunities. Learn how to take pics with your phone but also why hiring a pro should be on your list.


Framing your artwork is not just about presenting it but also about preserving it for years to come. When you choose the right materials you are adding value and enhancing your artwork.

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