Now it's time to have fun!

You have worked hard to lay down a solid foundation with the previous Building Blocks courses.

Now it is time to implement all you have learned in the previous courses into action.

  • Your business model is defined.
  • Your documents are ready.
  • Your pricing is dialed in
  • Your presentation is professional.

You are now ready to start pursuing the opportunities that line up with your artistic business!

In the last course you will learn about the different opportunities you can start to pursue, where to find them and what to be aware of before you start applying.

how to approach getting represented by a gallery
Gallery Representation

Learn how to seek out and approach representation with galleries. What you should be looking for and what to avoid.

how to find and what is needed for an artist residency

An artist residency is a great way to grow as an artist and create a new body of work in a nurturing environment.

how to get commercial licensing as an artist
Commercial Licensing

The commercial world needs and wants artwork to put on products to create visually unique items for consumers. There are many opportunities awaiting artists within this field.

Opportunties - Course 5

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