Define Your Business Model

For artists creating is the part we enjoy most. The frustration starts when you begin to put your work out there but are not selling, there is no growth happening or you are running into a lot of "no's".

This happens when you haven't taken the time to define how you want your business to look & operate.

When you do not know where you want to go, then you are traveling blindly and will waste time and energy leading to feelings of disappointment and discouragement.

Defining Your Business Model is the first and most important step.

The first course in the series of Building Blocks for Becoming a Successful Artist will discuss six different ways you can structure your artist career and earn an income.

Once you know which one is the best fit for you, then you can start building the essentials to help you open doors to opportunities within that model.

It's time to define who you are as an artist! Enroll today!

artist business model course
Business Model

One way to earn a living from your art is by selling directly to collectors and is the most popular way.

gallery sales
Gallery Sales

Working with galleries and being represented is something many artists desire but do not know what that entails.

public art business model
Public Art

Love to travel, meet new people and work large scale? Earning an income through public art may be the right model for you.

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